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Originally Posted by TyraaRane
You buy a brand shiny new laptop solely for the purpose of playing the game.

...And then you name it after one of the characters. (No joke. I have a laptop named Lili.)
So, I have a milkweed bug named Nils, my TV's name is Morry, I call my dog figgy piggy, My cousin's name is Sasha, My greek name is Soc.Stu. is Mila, I call the chair I'm sitting on now Dogan, My bed's name is Fred(rhymetime) I have a drawing of a squirrll named Elton Fir, A bridge I cross EVERY DAY I call the Wispering Rock bridge, My moms car is Franke and my dads is Kitty, and I call my Trombone Chloe'. BEAT THAT!!!
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