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that didnt last because i
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Write YOUR Whispering Rock experiences!

What did I really do this summer? I went to Whispering Rock Psychic Summercamp.

That's right - I learned how to fish, cook my own food, hunt, canoe, climb trees and make a bow-drill fire.

I also learned the psychic arts - shooting psi-blasts out of my mind, levitating on a thought bubble, throwing things with my mind, confusing people with a ball of sheer...well, confusion. I also learned how to light things on fire with my mind, to become completely invisible, create a psychic barrier, and plenty of other tricks.

It was a good summer for me. I made friends with the slightly insane, and potentially dangerous Dogen Boole. I entered peoples' minds, took advanced training, and got locked in a Geodesic Psycho-Isolation Chamber for two days. I was very hungry, tired, scared, and hoping no cougars would break open my door. Those were pretty scary - at night I got patrol, and had to fend off cougars that lit me on fire. I had to get some (read - hundreds of) burn treatments, and they ran out of Neosporin to fix my bear wounds. It was still really great.

I made friends with Vernon, too. He talks, and talks, and talks, and talks. Don't ask him not to tell you his life story, he'll give you the long version if it. He made me late to class twice, but then again, his stories are more entertaining than jumping over a huge mental battlefield, levitating around on a thought ball in the mind of a crazy girl trapped in the nineties, and shooting things in a giant shooting gallery of a German psychonaut master.

It was a good summer, and I can't wait for next summer. Good times are to be had, again. And of course I won't have to do patrol duty anymore-just another perk. See you- (well maybe not) there.

gratuitous makeout scenes welcome

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