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okay TK, then i remove the word "crying" with "complaining", happy?

Well TK i think ur an intelligent person, referring to ur posts, so u should figure out that the "Omg this game sucks cause my heavy trooper is BLUE not GREEN" was just an example, i didnt wanna read all ur posts to find a point like this so i just took one that may match to many complaints like "The Commander is a Galactic Marine" or "The Droid commander should only have yellow marks..." and i never said ur the only one whos complaining about such things

btw i never posted the " the name of something real evil" thing but my name is above this quote, so how did that happen....

u said in any post u like realism in games, dunno if it was in this thread...well dont tell me the BF2 Stunts are realistic, u cant blow a tank miles away with 3 Detpacks on its back, some BF2 stunts may be realistic, but that definitly not, so ur loved Battlefield is even not the most realistic game, but that may not make the game worse i know the battlefield series is great, but there are even unrealistics

and im not a lover of Battlefront, i like Movie Battles 2 much more, cause its just 1000 Times better, and its only a free MOD and not an expensive "Full Game" i dislike the Battlefront engine and the physics aswell but i really dont care if t he commander is a Marine, the Heavy Trooper Bacaraa or whoever or if the Rebels Capital ship is part of the Republics Space Vehicles....its just a game if i want pure realism i walk right out my door and enjoy the nature

now to u zerted...

i never knew that Chess was invited in a movie and was just then "produced" u should atleast try to understand my "Phrases" right.... i mean Games like Any Star Wars game, Aliens, Aliens Vs. Predator or any Wargames that are based on a special moment in one WW...u know? i mean games which source was a Movie or a real Situation in the Past, and i dont put Card Games and Chess in that i want a proofed example of a (Computer)game which IDEA was born in a movie and was completiy and 100% the SAME like this mentioned Movie
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