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TK, I love playing with words, ever watched Monty Python? Way better than The Simpsons hands down. Or Red Dwarf, they are the masters of unique swearing.

As always you seem to find a passion in using anything that anyone says to prove that I have personally insulted you. These are called "observations". Convince me, like Maxmayhem that you know what you're on about and I'll be generally nicer. Oh and don't argue that you know the reg number of the Clone trooper on the left in frame 1138 of Ep3 or something like that, I mean, from a game-designing point of view. Granted, we're not game designers, but you seem to act like the Counterstrike team are making BF2 (in that they have a rep for "realistic weapons"). Pandemic do console arcady games, it's their reason-to-be at the mo. It's why I view BF1/2 as a console game, rather than a PC one.

Also, you misstake my viewpoint on BF2. I said I was "On the fence" on it. But I realise that it is not going to be half the game that UT2k7 is trying to be, so complaining about things that were inevitably going to happen doesn't seem a point to me. You could argue that creating a 200 point list of the flaws of BF1 is a worthy cause, but I can't be bothered, I'm busy in the final year of a genetics degree. I should waste more effort on "bastardising life as we know it" (litearlly, "Mum's the word.")

Anyway, we can all conclude that SWBF2 is not going to be a realistic or accurate interpretation of Star Wars in general. Why? Probably too many to count. But it's too late to make these issues have any impact on the final game. They'd be better used so that SWB3 is a heck of a lot better on next-generation consoles that are actually physically capable of doing these sort of games justice.

Unless I really need to start a thread on "BF1 Dark Trooper sucks versus rebel pilot" as if it matters now.

Oh yeah, Zerted, the Alien vs Predator films/games are a good example of attention to detail, you get a pretty convincing array of abilities. Heck, running around as an alien on ceilings and feasting on the brains of innocents is amazing. Or being able to plasmacaster someone while invisible as a Predator is quite cool.

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