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Originally Posted by HordaK
btw i never posted the " the name of something real evil" thing but my name is above this quote, so how did that happen....
Shoot, my bad... I'll edit it.

Originally Posted by HordaK
u said in any post u like realism in games, dunno if it was in this thread...well dont tell me the BF2 Stunts are realistic, u cant blow a tank miles away with 3 Detpacks on its back, some BF2 stunts may be realistic, but that definitly not, so ur loved Battlefield is even not the most realistic game, but that may not make the game worse i know the battlefield series is great, but there are even unrealistics
I'm unsure of what you mean by "BF2 Stunts." If you C4 a tank it just blows up, not get thrown across the place.

Also, I hope that I didn't step on any toes too bad in this thread. If anyone feels that my attitude is too aggressive I apologize.
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