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See, we pc gamers are spoiled. We play online games that don't have framerate caps, have actual administration abilities and remote control built in from the start, access to decent mod tools and dedicated servers that are somewhat user friendly, the ability to record demos, etc. Having one team of humans vs. one team of bots is a no-brainer. A console wherein you can enter commands to simplify certain well used tasks, etc. These are just basic features we've come to expect out of our first person shooters. Then all of a sudden SWBF comes along and it's like we're on a console that has limited memory and assumes you're using a gamepad on a TV!

Are we spoiled because so many FPS games are based on solid engines like those cranked out by ID software and Epic? (Quake3 and Unreal tech in particular) Perhaps, but there you go.

So it's not just the disappointment of what this game promised but didn't deliver or the bugs in the game itself, it's also the basic standard of quality in a modern FPS game that was somewhat lacking, unfortunately.

I'm sure this was probably one of the most awesome and worthwhile games on the Xbox ever. I certainly would have thought so. But on the PC? Not a chance.

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