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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Han shot one of them. And according to EU, another was shot in friendly-fire.

I'd say the best action the Stormtroopers were in was boarding the Tantive IV.

Oh you're right, or he got knocked over from shrapnel. Forgot about that!

Was the "friendly fire" that BS story about how the "look sir, droids!" guy felt guilty about all the murdering he'd been doing and killed his commanding officer in order to escape and join the Rebels?

As to the Tantive IV action, I don't see what was so great about the Troopers. Sure, they showed nerves of steal moving into that deathtrap, but other than their apparent ability to see through smoke and having a larger force, it doesn't show them as particularly skilled, just disciplined. The Tatooine troopers show their relentlessness, admittedly offscreen against weak targets, but it just shows better their utterly ruthelss pursuit of their goals, plus you can see they are loaded down with special gear.

But, in terms of showing them IN action I suppose you have a point.

The courage of the Stormtroopers gets the better of them in ROTJ when they race off into the woods chasing a few teddy bears, only to get ambushed by said teddies.

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