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Hmm ur a great Battlefield Fan TK, right? and i think BF2 is not ur first BF, so u dont know about the BF stunts which are in every BF game? here some examples

1. You put some TNT on the ground, someone else driving a Jeep straight at that TNT and u blow it in the moment the Jeep is on it, boom, the jeeps fly high through the air (If ur timing is really good)

2. You are in an Aircraft flying over an Airbase, jumping out ur Plane without using the parachute right above an empty plane on the ground, and now before u hit the ground, or the plane in that case, press "Enter" in the right moment to enter the plane without taking any damage

3. i read it somewhere on a Website with some screens of it, 3 x C4 on the back of a Tank, boom the tank flies like a bird in the sky

4. Not a stunt in that kinda meaning, Planes for more than one person, for example the Japanese Plane in BF1942, u go in alone and if someone is on ur tail u switch the seat to the rear gunners position and blow the enemy away (leaving the plane flying alone) then switching back to the pilots seat and fly urself again, if u havent hit the ground yet ^^

that are just some examples of the stunts in the battlefield series, im sure if u are such a big fan u heard of the stunts, if not, then u did that now : )
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