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Rezillo's comm buzzed. "Gus,Jax,Rezillo,Kaitlyn, if you hear me finish what you gotta do quickly because im making my way to the main control room, Im going to Blow the ship up!"
The emperors smiled
"so...that's yuor plan"
"Stu? don't be idiotic if you blow the ship the warp bomb will blow with it!"
" you know about the bomb too. Very good"
"yeah and our guys are working to defuse it"
"do what you like the bomb is just here as an excuse to get Gus on here. I made it so he sensed the bomb"
"you...? But Gus..."
"at this moment he is ploting mine and your downfall, he will be no match for me but he can kill you easily. and even if he does kill me, his journy to the dark side wil be complete!"
The emperor laughed again and then used the force to take Rezillos remaining lightsaber. He force pushed Rezillo tot he floor near Jax. He walked closer. Rezillo could not move. The emperor raised his lightsaber
"goodbye my old aprentice..."
Jax threw the lightsaber to rezillo who caught it, ignited it and plunged it into the emperors chest. An ear splitting scream emitted from the emperor. He collapsed...dead. Rezillo was shaking.
"Are you ok?" asked Jax
"I've been better" Rezillo answered.
Rezillo walked over to the emperor's coarpse and withdrew his lightsaber. and used the force to summon Jax's and threw it to him.
"Sorry about knockin you out...but i had to"
"I know"
They looked at each other
"Jax...i will be dead soon"
"what? why?"
"Gus will kill me"
"no...he...can't...I dont believe it"
But this was a lie. Jax had known that Gus was strange from the day he had met him. Gus had gone missing for months, almost a year and then just returned...but so had Rezillo. Rezillo had been gone for over 3 years but his absence had been explained....Gus's had not. Jax looked at Rezillo.
"I will not let him kill you" he said simply


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