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Utility for 2DA converting(Text<->V2.b) and merging

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In case someone else would find it useful I have uploaded a modified version of my small 2DA converter utility which now contains a new 2DA file merging function.

It will take two 2DA files (of the same kind) and merge changes they contain and save the combined result as a new 2DA file. It will currently detect changes to existing lines as well as new lines and columns that have been added. It will not handle files where standard lines have been deleted (since the 2DA spec. strongly discourages deleting rows in a 2DA anyway).

Row labels will automatically be updated to be unique, but all other data is just merged together from the files. Thus you'll still need to check/update references to the added rows, and make sure columns that should have unique values (such as the forcehostile/forcefriendly columns in spells.2da) have proper values in their new context. It's intended to save some data entry time when merging 2da's, not to solve all problems with the click of a button.

Please note: This is not a mod compatibility-fixing tool for mod users. It's a tool to help mod-makers merge together 2DA data. Use one of the mod installer utilities if you want to reduce mod compatibility problems for users.

From what I have tested it appears to work, though I have only tested it with a few different 2DAs and a fairly small set of changes, so it is possible that I have overlooked something. If anyone is interested you can get it here.


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