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Seraph and Naomi slept on the floor where Ryk told them, Seraph kept having nightmares, he saw first a village in flames, several blackguilders running around, a few dragons in the air throwing their fiery fire breath at the blackguilders without affecting them too much, then he saw Udinara, his teacher, who unsheathed her sword and began to attack, when he heard a scream, he woke up. Naomi was sitting next to him.

- "What happened, another nightmare?" - Naomi asked.
- "Yeah, but this was different, it was longer, usually I'd see the village burning, but now I saw..." - Seraph stopped, he had heard a branch break outside.
- "What?" - Naomi asked.
- "Did you hear that?" - Seraph asked.
- "Hear what?" - Naomi replied looking slightly perplexed.
- "That sound, it sounded like a brach on a nearby tree broke" - Seraph said.
- "That's not important" - Naomi said.
- "A branch doesn't just break like that, something was on it or someone, can you pick up that scent in the air?" - Seraph asked.
- "Now that you mention it I do" - Naomi said.

Seraph looked out the window, he focused his attention to the trees, he used his draconian thermal sight and saw two figures on the top of a tree, not too far from the house.

- "Over there, two of them, one man and a woman" - Seraph said and pointed at the tree.
Naomi did the same thing as Seraph and did see the two figures.

- "Master Ryk, wake up, we were followed" - Seraph said.

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