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He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

Hello there corpses and smelly dead things, guess what, the man you hoped never to come back to these threads is back with a new face, large as death and twice as ugly. I was banned from the forums or somthin' like that, but they can't keep me nailed down no longer.
Most of you people who already know me are saying to themselfs right now:"Oh, no! Not him again." and for all of you who don't know me beware.
I kinda missed haunting these forums and I can see I've been away for far too long.
Anyway, I was kinda thinking about writing a script for a Grim Fandango fan story, then do a very realistic comic after it, thing is, I have no inspiration so I'm calling out to you guys. The idea of the story is some big rock star falls off the stage and looses his memory, the thing is, he falls in love with this chick and has to choose between love and fame (of course everything is hapening in the Grim universe created by lucas arts).
What do you guys think?

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