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Yeah, I did. Sorry. I hate games with similar titles, y'know!

But why do people compare Battlefield 2 with BattleFront 2? Well, played Battlefield 2 and it's fun, but it's very realistic and so you can spend ages doing nothing and then BANG headshot from 500 metres or drive in a tank and get straight into an ambush. It's cool when you get squads working, I'm sure. And the atmosphere is pretty much there. It's not a WW2 thriller, but more open, silent and violent and then suddenly, right into the middle of hell itself.

But the AI sucks and SP is non-existant and that's the market that Battlefront 2 is making headway, I think. Okay, the AI sucks, but there's a single player mode in there.

Also, because it's a console release primarily, it has to have decent modes for people with RL friends to muck around with. It's why I think the co-op of Battlefront 1 was so important. I would NOT buy it for my own pleasure. I've borrowed it and it's short and boring. But as soon as you have a friend you can shout cusses/orders at or to give you backup and random "YOU SHALL NOT PASSS!" quotes you get it to be a lot more fun. It's a catalyst for fun with a friend.

But for PC, well, I could probably agree with the nay-sayers. It's not going to be cool when you have morons online and your team bots are stupider then Zerglings (which may or may not be a cuss).

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