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Originally Posted by Darkkender
when it comes to merging fields between 2 2da's does it check versus the ones in the bif files to determine which entries to overwrite?

The reason I ask is how would it handle a situation where 2 mods both change the entries in something like the modeln columns and neither of the entries match the original entrie located in 2da.bif.
Since my KEY/BIF reader class isn't finished yet it will currently ask the user for an unaltered copy of the 2da file (which you'll have to extract manually with KotorTool) in addition to the two files which are to be merged. This file will be used as a reference to determine what has changed, and as a base template for the new, merged file.

When the two files merged alter the exact same value/cell of one of the standard lines in the 2DA file, the changes done in the second selected file will take precedence, and a message will be posted in the progress log box where the user can see what it has done.

When two files that both add new lines are merged, the lines in the first selected file are first added, and are then followed by the lines from the second selected file, which will have the row labels automatically changed if they are already used by the lines added from the first file.

Same with merging two files which both have custom columns, those in the first file are added first, then followed by those in the second file.

When you merge two files where one adds a column and the other adds new rows, the values for the extra rows from the other file will be set to the standard **** in the new column, since they have no values that can be merged (since the column doesn't exist in that file). The standard lines, and any custom lines set in the file with the new column, will have the values properly set for the new column.

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