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Stu found Don & Jay....
"Guys we gotta get out of H-EERRREE!!----"
The bomb exploded and everything around Stu turned all dark...
Stu awoke next to his Astro Droid R7..
"R7, we need to get back to the ship."
On the way Stu found Kaitlyn lying on the floor..
Stu picked up Kaitlyn and took her to his ship...
"Dont worry Kaitlyn you'll be alright."
Stu flew out of the hangar and seen the Rip in space..
"Oh S***!"
Stu got out his inter-comm...
"Jax,Gus, The bombs threw us into another dimension,The rip in space is still there i'm going back and i advise you to do the same also, Gus I've found Kaitlyn,Her Vitals are Dangerously low, im going to take her back and i'll try my best to revive her. i hope you guys can fly back through the Rip back into our dimension. Good Luck."
Stu put his Ship Into full thrust and flew into the rip......

(Also you guys could do whatever but im tryin to get my character through so i can help get you guys back and try and help Kaitlyn out.)

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