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Jax stirred
"what happened?" he asked as Rezillo got up
"This ship was built to with stand almost everything, when the bomb went off it must have jumped dimensions" Rezillo stood up
"Gus is still out" Jax said
"Leave him here, he needs time to cool off"
"I suppose"
Rezillo walked to the viewing window and gasped
"what is it?"
Rezillo turned
"we havn't changed dimension....we've changed time!"
Jax looked sure enough there was the emperors servant and it exploded
"Rezillo we can change eveything!"
"how do you mean?"
"we can stop the bomb from going off"
"Jax, we don't even know if it took out....wait what am i saying of coarse it did. it would have taken out eveything"
"And we can stop Kaitilyn know"
"It will be dangerous Jax...if we run into out other selves we will create a rip in the time-space continuem with could cause the universe to implode"
"o..k well we'll just have to make sure it dosn't happen"
They felt guilty about leaving Gus so they took him to a transort and put it on auto-pilot so it would follow them. They waited. Sure enough The Emperors Slave appeared. They saw fighters board it.
"It's time"
They got into their ships and went into space. The first thing they saw was the rip they had made.
"If we do this right things in our time should be right and we can go back through there"
"got it, Lets go"
They raced off to the emperors slave to change history....


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