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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
You guys mention great points but you leave out one important one. To go along with passing along his legacy and all that wife/kid/danger crap he also did it for the F***ING MONEY! Remember when what's her face mentioned something about a hefty sum?
No, I'm sure that Boba was a stipulation written into the deal by Jango himself on top of the money. It goes a good way to explain why he would still be hanging around Kamino rather than chasing down fugitives.

Another point, Jango must have been told to create the instruction videos for the clone army since they all have his accent. Accent is created my your surroundings, not your genes. The cloners must have seen that creating an unalterted clone for Jango was a good way to keep him tied to Kamino (to instruct the clones, give them training, etc), so it wasn't that big a deal for them.

Boba is Jango's son, basically. Untainted from even his own genes. How massive of an ego boost is that? To have yourself to mould from birth, surely if Jango wasn't beheaded Boba would have grown to be even more brilliant than he was.

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