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RPG: SWG Total Experience
Name: lordkyber
Age: 20
Species, and Gender: Human Male
Faction: Imperial
Proffessions: Creature Handeler, Rifleman, Force Sensetive.
Settlement:Corellia, and Dantooine
Place of Birth: Deej'a Peek, Naboo

200 years before the Clone Wars, Young Jedi Knight, Seth Skywalker had married The Beautiful Young Jedi Knight, Lann Skywalker(Given Skywalker name after marriage). As We all know Love was Forbidden to Jedi but Seth and Lann have practiced controlling their emotions during their love. After Master Yoda(600 years old then) finished their Marriage ceremony they moved to Deej'a Peek,Naboo. There they had their son Jin Skywalker. After young Jin turned 1 yrs old they moved to coruscant. There Jin learnt the ways of the Jedi. At 3 years old Young Skywalker was permitted into the order. His Lightsaber skills and Force Powers accelerated faster then other students. At age 5 Jin's father, Seth finished training his apprentice and gained the Rank of Jedi Master also a seat on the Council.While then Jin gained Jedi Padawan. At age 7 his mother took him as her padawan. It was not till Jin turned thirteen that his father was killed by a Bounty Hunter while he was patroling a city with other jedi. Young Skywalker grew more to the darkside everytime he thought about his fathers death. At age 15 Jin became one of the youngest and mos powerful Knights in the order. He was proud of that he was the youngest Knight ever. His mom grew sick from a disease while doing a mission on Yavin IV. He tried to stop her form dieing but in the end his efforts did not count. After her death he meditated for 1 day straight on the reason of both his parents death. more hours passed during his meditation and the more he seized his hatred and anger within. he soon came to the conclusion that the Jedi have never helped his parents when they were dieing. Full of anger he left The Jedi Order. At age 20 he learned to survive on his own and mastered taming creatures as a creature handeler. he also developed great rifle skills as a rifleman. One day a Sith visited him in his hut on tatooine and pushed him through a portal to the future where he saw his decendants 225 years in the future. There and old man visited him telling him he still ahs the force and can gain what hes always wanted with it... Now he Re starts his way as a..... dark jedi...named Lord Kyber
Description:Young man. Long Blonde hair (Like anakin ep III) Handsome, Muscular, has Yellow eyes filled with Revenge and Hatred, tall. Mostly Wheres
Dark Black Ubese Armor, Black Clone Armor, Dark Black Cloak, and a Dark Black Spec Ops Jacket.
Weapons: A Gigantic T21 rifle,and a KRayt Dragon DL44 xt pistol
Ships: TIE fighter
Vehicles: Speeder Bike, Barc, Swoop

Main Toon:
FLurry- lordkyber: Imperial Male Human,Guild: REV MCH/Mrifleman 1/6 FS branches unlocked 0/6 FS branches completed.

JA-LeGeNDaRY Jin from 1.00 and Darth Kyber from 1.01( retired skinner from JA) Most people know me as one of the best saberists and elite Sith. I had crushed many clans hahaha and killed clan betrayers! I am resigned from JA now tho but i still visit.

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