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[Poem] Amature Poetry...

Hey guys,

I'm really no good at poetry, but I had an idea about a poem and it they just kept coming. So, I have three poems, all based on KotOR, and nothing to do with them. Plus I'm bored, so that doesn't help. Anyway, I figured I would share them with you.

Feel free to comment or post Poetry of your own, KotOR related or not.


(Oh, by the way, they're each about a character(s) from KotOR, duh, but can you recognize which ones? They're kinda obvious, but still...)

__________________________________________________ _

Two Lives~

Two lives,
Separate and strong,
Tied together,
By one powerful bond.

One a woman,
The other a man,
They both meet,
Forming a small band.

They collect a motley crew of friends,
And travel from place to place,
But as they travel, something happens,
Unnoticed through their haste.

The two grew closer and closer,
Becoming good friends, thereof,
And before they could stop it,
They fell in the forbidden love.

Afraid, she tried to run,
But had no where to go,
She was needed there,
She couldn’t leave, because she knew it was so.

He became nervous,
It wasn’t supposed to be this way,
He should be able to let go easily,
But she still held him under her sway.

Unsure of what to do,
They took a vow,
To refrain from spending time together,
Keeping them apart…for now.

Despite their promise,
Neither could fight it.
Why was it so hard?
They just couldn’t stop it.

She tried to dissuade it,
But was still distraught,
She could not help herself,
Her heart leapt even at the thought.

He stood, gazing at her,
His imagination running wild,
What it would be like,
Them together, even for a while.

She tried to use what she was taught,
He spilled his heart of this,
She couldn’t resist,
And they shared Love’s first kiss.

Before they knew it,
Darkness had closed in,
The enemy had found them,
They were all looking for her and him.

When he was threatened,
By an enemy of old,
She feared for his life,
And charged into battle, against what she was told.

Locked on the outside, she on the inside,
He wept bitter tears,
Repeating her name,
The worst has befallen her, he fears.

He wouldn’t give up,
He couldn’t give up,
He continued on,
Looking for a way to help.

Meanwhile, she suffered.
Pain came daily,
As the enemy tried to convert her,
She resisted, but her faith was failing.

Finally, on the last battle ground,
One of Dark, one of Light,
They meet again,
To share one last fight.

Pitted against each other,
Her scarred mind, bruised by anger and pain,
Took delight,
In the idea of his body lying at her feet.

Desperately, he fought against her,
Only in defense,
Trying to free her locked soul,
He tried to give her sense.

Slowly, she yielded to him,
Letting him be her cure,
She asked him one last question,
Did he still love her?

Taken aback by her question,
He paused for a moment,
Then told her that there was no way he couldn’t,
No matter how hard he tried, he always would.

Two lives,
Separate and strong,
Tied together,
By one powerful bond.

My Homeland~

The battle comes,
One of Light, one of Dark,
Shall clash in my home.

A gun at my side, throttle in my hand,
I rush to their aid,
Coming to my homeland.

Fires rage and lightning strikes,
Chaos ensues,
Blood leaks as many fight.

Back, back, they flee in fright,
The invaders run,
For once, we’ve won the fight.

My weary eyes search,
Stumbling through the ruins,
The ground before me seems to lurch.

I fall, I hit the ground,
Pain of one dying,
T’was then that I heard the sound.

A curdling scream of fright,
So familiar,
A call of help in the night.

It couldn’t be, no,
Not my wife,
It wouldn’t be.

Yet I stood, following the voice,
Indeed, t’was her,
Why was she Death’s choice?

I scream for aid,
As dozens run about me,
Yet I knew it was too late.

Now, gun in hand,
I stand alone,
Fighting to save my homeland.

A Flower For You~

A flower for you, my love,
A symbol of beauty,
A symbol of love;
Keep it close,
And keep memories of me kind,
A flower for you, my love,
And remember the one you left behind.

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