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Exclamation Advice for Beta Testers (serious)

Okay, I just thought of this, and it might seem counter intuitive, but please, here is what I recommend for you new beta testers (now that it's free):

Find an exploit and CHEAT LIKE HELL.

This may be one of the only ways to get Pandemic's attention.

Don't play "honorably" but instead be as nasty as possible. This will bring exploits like wall/map hacks and such to light.

Use every means at your disposal to screw around. Use aim bots, try to do the objectives wrong. Vote to kick yourself. Attack your own Heroes and vehicles.

Here negative reinforcement can be a good thing! This may be the one and only time I ever advocate online cheating in a pc game. Don't blow your chance!

Try to screw the game up and make it crash. That's the best thing you can do.

I realize many people may be signing up for the beta test simply to get to play the game early, but really nobody benefits from that.

You might have people get angry at you or get you booted, but that's okay. The benefits to the game far outweigh the displeasure of a few other beta testers who don't get it. Do it for the good of the game!

Get other people together to show the exploits online too if that helps.

What we want is to give them feedback by bringing bugs to light, so that the game can be as tweaked as possible on release (or at least ensure they know what's wrong with it so the first patch can come out quicker).

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