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Originally Posted by McCusto
I really don't care. Once they release Singleplayer on the Beta, or once the game comes out, I am NEVER playing online again
I doubt they'll put single player on the beta, since they can test that with just a small handful of people internally (multiplayer requires lots of testing with large numbers of people on at a time to stress the servers while having lots of different setups).

So basically you're admitting you're useless for this beta? Just wanted to try out the game early...

As I suspected!

But you said you were never playing online again, so I guess that must mean you thought it sucked. I hear a few people are turned off the game already because of the crappiness. Then again other people are probably much more hyped up by the release of this beta, and its free publicity (or pay publicity for the folks last week) for them!

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