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Alright, I tried the beta. Guess what? It's even worse than I thought.

First of all - BUGGY AS HELL. Alright, well it's a beta still, but there were bugs still remaining from the original Battlefront. But after a few minutes of play... my computer just restarts? WTF? How can you play a game that shuts down your computer after you start playing?

Second - any shred of accuracy to the Star Wars universe has been thrown out, period. Pretty much everything is screwed up. You name it, it's wrong. I'm not even going to make a list of the inaccuracies, unless I can just write "Star Wars Battlefront II" and that includes it all. The devs have made NO effort to stay the slightest bit true to the Star Wars universe... it seems like they screwed it up on purpose.

Third - gameplay HAS NOT BEEN IMPROVED. Physics, animations, combat, everything, is just like the original. People running around everywhere shooting and dying... there's no rhyme or reason to anything. There's no teamwork, there's no skill, there's no sense of seriousness at all. It's just an arcade game.

Fourth - is this 1999? Because it sure looks like it judging by the graphics. I mean, the original Half-Life has better graphics than this. This is 2005, almost 2006... and they're still using the graphics used last millenium.

So anyone saying "hay paly teh gaem b4 whingng abot it!!1" can stop saying that, because I just tried it, which I used to get the above conclusions.
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