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This is how I personally would do the models, not sure how accurate they are though...

Soldier: Basic clone trooper, Episode II style or Episode III style depending on the map. Episode II clones would have basic white armor but Episode III would have diffrent colorings depending on the planet (ie: orange for Utapau, greenish for Felucia) On Mygeeto the clone uniform would be that of a Galactic Marine.

Heavy Weapons: Same as Soldier, depending on map. But they have several diffrences like a shoulder patch, or that waist, cape like thing.

Technician/Pilot: I don't know much about these guys, as far as I can tell there currant uniforms are fine.

Clone Sharpshooter: Ep II style it's just a normal clone trooper with black markings, EpIII I think the skin they have is fine, on planets like Dagobah and Felucia the skin would be the camouflaged type that looks like a scout trooper that you see on Kashyyyk.

Jet Trooper: again, don't know much about, as far as I'm concerned same as normal clone trooper, just with a jet pack. Green coloring for Ep II same as other troopers for Ep III.

Clone commander: EpII style would have a clone with yellow markings (I think this is what color the commanders were...) EpIII would be the same uniform the clone commander had, like commander Bly's uniform for the commanders on Felucia, and Bacara on Mygeeto.

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