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Originally Posted by Arc-453
WTF R U SMOKING!?!?!? swbf series rocks now if u don't like it go post on a less popular website so the creator can delete it and SHOVE IT UP UR -- hem hem, ok we know u hate swbf and swbf2 but no need 2 publicize that fact. this discussion is for people who like star wars not 4 some fat @ss lazy b*tches who are too lazy to f*ckin get their ass off the swbf case and decide to go spam the goddamned forums so go shove ur d|ck in ur boyfriend's lesbian mom
If you can't take opposing viewpoints or criticism of something you like, then perhaps you don't belong on these forums...

This is your first and last warning. Refrain from such abusive flames in the future or you'll be banned.

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