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I agree, I hate the text. Its too small ( my resolution is 1600 by 1200) and the map's lighter backgrounds make it almost impossible to read. When you are typing, if shows up under/on top of other messages and you can't see read anything. The only thing I do like is that the different type of messages are colored.

About the units, I can't say much because I've only been playing as a sniper. (Got to pratice extra hard because it has no crosshair) One thing I can say about the units is the Jedi. I hate it when I don't notice 'the press F2 to not be a Jedi' and the next thing I know, I'm a Jedi. The default should be you don't respond as a Jedi unless you press F1, not the other way around.

Another thing I don't like at the moment, but will have to get used to, is the view while waiting to respawn. Currently in SWBF2 you watch through the eyes of a fellow teammate. I find this confusing. I sometimes I think I have just respawned and attempt to play, even though its just the view from another player. A few times, I have respawned under 1 second and have though I was looking through someone else's unit. Along comes an enemy and destroys the unit. Thinking to myself: "That person sucks. He just stood there and died, didn't even put up a fight (maybe he was typing?)" Only to figure out a second later: "Oh crap, that was me!"

I have found two 'map glitches' but luckly they cannot be exploited. (at least I keep dying when I try)

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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