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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy
First SW game I really ENJOYED was Super Star Wars for SNES . The first time I ran the trench battle at the end of the game, I truly felt like Luke, and after several failures I literally closed my eyes before fireing the torpedoes into the mine shaft, and finally won the game. I was so exited, I literally had a beer party that night in celebration! Friends of mine were so HOOKED on that game. Now granted, it WAS a side scroller, that involved ALOT of TEDIOUS platform jumping, but all in all, for the time, the game was seriously fun, and did the best they could to capture the exitement and pace of the original movies.

Lets face it, alot of the games currently out there are basically clones of games that have already been released. (and some were done alot better to a certain degree.

Jedi Outcast/ Jedi Academy is Quake III with lightsabers.

Galactic Battlegrounds is Age Of Kings II with Star Wars elements.

Star Wars Battlefront is going to be 1942 with Star Wars Elements.

Starfighter/Jedi Starfighter/Rouge Squadron is well.....a flight sim! Flight sims have been around for almost 2 decades!

Even Republic Commando is going to be a FPS based on Unreal technology.

Star Wars Galaxies is basically Everquest, and (arguably) contains Star Wars Elements.
And funnily enough Super Star Wars is well...a typical side-scrolling adventure game with Star Wars elements. Is the issue the recent SW games "copying" other gamestyles (in the case of Battlefront an enormous error, granted) and being on the brink of just turning into a copycat game franchise rather than leading the way as we expect from anything tied to the Lucas name or just not being about the original trilogy?

I see your points and I do feel there is enormous potential for a computer game based on the OT but using SSW on the NES as an example of the way it should be is a bit iffy. We all know that computer games based to run along the tracks set by movies are always cack so it'd be interesting to see something that can pull off the OT in one lovely little gaming experience without overly copying another game.

Star Wars Games of the PSX Generation
Star Wars Games of the PS2 Generation
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