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Originally Posted by jedispy
So quickly? I gave the answer after 3 days.

Oooh!!!! I know this one.....but can't remember the name.......Blast!!

EDIT: This isn't from the clone wars cartoon is it? Cuz that would not be EU according to Astro
hehe... never mind me, Clone Wars is C level canon, I just have allowed questions about CW in the movies thread to increase scope o fquestions over there. It is, as per LFLs applied definitions EU. (see Kurgans canon thread)

HOWEVER, you seem to have missed my question !

Yun Yuuzhan - nice to see you here please note - there is only allowed to be one active question at a time(see rules p1)

Q. What is Zonama Sekot ? Who was it originally home to ?

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