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ready kiddies?

ok, good listen up.

I'm going to list some command line switches and what they are for.
/adminpw goaway sets the admin password. in this case it's "goaway"
/noaim turns off 'aim assist'
/noteamdamage nuff said
/heroes 1 turns heros on
/hrunlock 3 sets heros unlock mode to points.
/hrunlockvalue 15 set the threshold of the unlock. in this case, first team with a member to reach 15 points.
/hrplayer 1 sets teh 'award' mode for who gets the hero. in this case, the player wih the most points.
/hrteam 3 sets which teams get heros. in this case, both teams, seperatly. (means that there can be both factions' heroes on the field at the same time., but not always.)
/hrrespawn 2 honestly, i don't know what this does, so leave it at 2. i do know that it has to be in there.
/hrrespawnvalue 30 sets teh time on respawning for the hero. 30 seconds here i think.
/pregametime 30 sets how long you see that "game will start in XX" countdown. i like mine set at 14.
/spawn 0 sets spawn invincibility, zero for none. 2 seconds is good. spawn mining is bad, mmmkay?
/bootlagger 300 sets a value for allowing laggers on the server, here it's set to 300ms.

and here is the full command line for the settings above, just make a batch file like is lined out above. with these settings.

i have removed the directory, use your own. all you'll have to do is change the server name and admin password. you'll get all maps, GCW first, then CW.

/win /norender /nosound /autonet dedicated /resolution 640 480 /gamename test /adminpw goaway /tps 30 /playerlimit 30 /playercount 1 /bots 12 /noaim /noteamdamage /difficulty 3 /bootlagger 300 /heroes 1 /hrunlock 3 /hrunlockvalue 15 /hrplayer 1 /hrteam 3 /hrrespawn 2 /hrrespawnvalue 30 /pregametime 14 /voicemode 2 /throttle 6144 /spawn 3 /netregion NA spa1g_1flag 200 200 spa1g_ass 200 200 tan1g_con 200 200 tan1g_1flag 200 200 uta1g_con 200 200 uta1g_1flag 200 200 tan1c_con 200 200 tan1c_1flag 200 200 uta1c_con 200 200 uta1c_1flag 200 200

enjoy. now check out our website.

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