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Originally Posted by TK-8252
...Until his clone dies (or gets eaten by the Sarlacc, of course).
[EU Fan]Heathen! He survived the Sarlacc! This was approved by Lucas!!!111[/EU Fan]

Seriously though, why would he "live forever"? It's not like he was somehow able to transfer his soul into young Boba (don't even try it, EU hacks!) and his mind was his own.. no flash brain implant of his memories (EU hacks, I'm warning you..! Don't get any ideas!).

If you mean in the sense "he would live forever in his children" then the same could be said of any person who ever had kids. Carrying on their genes or their legacy or their memory that their children had of them, etc whatever. But you don't need cloning to do that.

Apparently infertility does exist in the Star Wars universe, so that even a wealthy Senator and his family have to adopt a child. So it's not inconceivable (pardon the pun) that Fett was simply unable to have a child on his own...

Anyway, if he "lived on forever" in his progeny, then the Stormtroopers were his real legacy, not Boba Fett, as they continued on, as far as we known, even to the NJO. I mean did they ever stop cloning Stormtroopers? Did the Imperial Remnant, when they joined with the New Republic to form whatever it was they called their new galactic union, exterminate all their remaining clones and destroy all their clone facilities? Granted the Stormtroopers-as-clones is a retcon thanks to Lucas's prequels, but there you go. It has to be explained somehow. As far as I can tell, some of Fett still lives on...

According to Lucas they still use Clones in the OT era and "recruites" and "conscripts" of non-clones are a relatively new phenomena. He specifically cites the Trooper who bumps his head on the door in ANH as a descendant of Jango!

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