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Originally Posted by riceplant
Perhaps a little consistency would be in order. Did he 'own' everyone on the server (as implied by your previous post), or did he take control of the actual server (as stated in your second post). I'm not sure where you get the idea I take this seriously, as I just pointed out that you don't need to cheat to be good at the game, and there seems to me to be a deal of ambiguity in what I was 'dismissing so fast'.

By the way, congratulations, you found the User Profile page!

Well if you didn't know then why be so caustic? When your rude to people in real life do you get your way? I doubt you're rude to people in person, you probably know better than that.

In my previous post I stated that I've seen a server completely owned by a hacker, yes this means that he could do whatever he liked with the server though he was most definantly not formerly or currently an admin. The stuff he was doing to people and the server itself was very odd, eventually it restarted.

Obviously this stuff goes on, I was just trying to get peoples take on it without starting a new thread.

Some how I'm guessing you won't have anything productive to say anyway and for being on here for only a month more than me it seems you spend alot of time here. (post count)

By the way, I guessed your age... whenever I encounter a brat on the internet I say something to the same effect, because its true.

- V
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