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Originally Posted by Prime
But with cloning he has a child who is 100% "all Jango". Having child by normal means would only be 50% Jango. Whether that would matter to him or not, I don't know.
Excellent point. Perhaps he's an egomaniac and a bit of a racist. That would make perfect sense actually!

Another theory might be that because is supposedly the last of the Mandalorians, having a clone child means that his decendent is 100% Mandalorian as well. Just a thought...
But then why have just one child? The Mandalorian line ends with Boba, then! So either make a ton of clones, or... wowsers, do it the old fashioned way through breeding! (Unless he's sterile or gay or something and that's why he's afraid to do it, but even in the later case, what about artificial insemination? I mean it's true intertility exists in Star Wars, but I find it hard to imagine that this technology is beyond their grasp, even if it were illegal, that isn't something that would stop Fett...)

Or make clones and alter some of them to be female. And it would be incest, but he could "continue the line" through them that way...

Originally Posted by T10
Mmm, of course he could've used the army to continue his legacy, but I think he wanted to make an attachment to the one that would carry it on. I think he was aiming for a bounty hunter clone more than a soldier when it came to his mark upon the galaxy. Sure, the army was bigger and more obvious, but perhaps he didn't want to be super famous.
Sounds good, but how would he know that Boba was going to have a career as a "Bounty Hunter" when he was only 12 years old? I mean sure the kid probably idolizes him "I want to be just like you dad, etc!" Then again in the EU they cram a bunch of crap down our throats by having Boba become a famous Bounty Hunter, assasinating leaders and stuff, wearing child-size Mandalorian Armor... *wretch*

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