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Originally Posted by zerted
1) So is there some type of auto-aim on by default?
2) 'hrrespawn' most likely stands for hero respawn. Maybe the amount of heros allowed on the battlefield at a time?
3) What is a boot lagger? Someone who takes a while to load the next map?

I am able to write a nice program with a good GUI to create the batch file for everyone. Can anyone think of a way this would be aganist the EULA? If it is, I won't do it, but if not, it would be a non-profit and an open source program.

Edit: An example of the program is here:
As you can see it is not finished, but user will be able to customize the tabs and options for the program, thus making it useful beyond SWBF2. What do you think?
I doubt it would be a big deal. You are not hacking into their code, you are simply using your program to input the batch file entries instead of typing via command line.

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