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Originally Posted by Kurgan
You're thinking of Jerec, leader of the Seven Dark Jedi from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.
Ahhh, those were the days, Dark Forces II had a single player atmosphere like no other game... it as fun, the levels were good and gave a nice atmosphere, like infiltrating Baron's Hed (it was just so good, not stealthy or cool, just good atmosphere I know I'm sad), some amazing weapons in that game too, the Concussion Rifle (which gave far more than a concussion, I'll say) was a classic for example... excellent force powers too... best LA game since TIE Fighter I think! I did miss the Dark Troopers though...

(despite the seemingly mutated Ugnaughts... arn't they supposed to be pink and not yellow and green? LOL, I loved 'em that way! BRRUUGGHHHLAAAHHII!)

I think Fett is undoubtedly the best, then Leia, then Han, the Jedi are meh! The non-lightsaber characters seem so more effective!

Battlefront II common classes: Bothan Spy, Imperial Officer, Clone Commander or the Droid Engineer. Without points an Engineer or Vanguard.
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