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Try not to take this the wrong way...

Originally Posted by TAW_Banzai
actually, we have a direct line to teh devs. it was only a secret until someone 'remembered' how to actually use the command line.
Not calling you a liar, mind you, but if you have a direct line to the SWBF2 team, why did you need to have an amateur server and not an official one? Or are you citing this "DSManager" (I could find no info on it) as PROOF that you're official?

Using the command line and batch files is a "trick" only because people are used to these server launcher programs that hold our hands. Since the stuff is so similar to SWBF1 I'm surprised it took this long! But if you want to take credit for starting the "amateur servers" phenomena by getting yours noticed and getting people to "remember", be my guest.

In any case, I took your posts to be bragging, hence my less than charitable sounding comments. It was like you were saying "well, if you suck up to us, some of our exclusive info might rub off on you!" Yech!

It's now a public beta test, so unless you signed an NDA, I think it comes off as elitest BS. Theoretically anyone who runs a server or uses the beta is worthy of being listened to, though I'm sure plenty of people won't have anything worthwhile to say (only signing up to get a "free game").

Again that's my personal impression, feel free to disagree. The people who paid got stuff early, I don't exactly know what you did or didn't do to get in their good graces (though a popular tournament site I can see doing that just on that fact), but don't feel you have to lay it on thick to impress us.

Anyway, not to flame or sound like I'm jealous (I'm not), I'm just disagreeing with the superior attitude I thought you were expressing earlier. Hope you understand!

intresting, i didn't know that.
I would advise against running more than one session on the same box that you are playing.
Any reason why? (Other than the obvious drain on system resources of course)

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