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Force Powers

Same here. Under my Jedi class for Bastila, there's a Force Powers folder. Under MY classes folder for Jedi, there is not. Incidently, I used cheat codes to bump my scoundrel up to level 20 on the Endar(sp) Spire. When I got to Dantooine and became a Jedi, I somehow missed the lightsaber dueling training, now I can't go back to do it and have no lightsaber prerequisites. I used KSE to allow me lightsabers, add a Jedi Class, and bump it up to 20, but I still have no force powers. Thoughts? Ideas? Something I'm missing?

Originally Posted by krzykorean
okay am i going blind or can i not edit force powers o.o i was guessing it would be in the feats thing but it's not...
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