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Originally Posted by TAW_Banzai
DSmanager is the GUI launcher that comes when you DL the dedicated server code.
And how'd you get to download the dedicated server code?

and what exactly would be a professional server?
However LucasArts/Pandemic setup the beta test in the first place. Before we started using batch files, how did they setup the servers for people to start joining? That's what I mean. Or did they just hand them out to random people and say "run a server for us"? I doubt that!

I imagine they'd have their own servers, and they could always pick groups (like your's) to do so. I just wondered if you were specifically picked or you just "got one" some other way.

brag, i do not.
Mmmm, if say so you do.

I did, and now that things are in public, i can talk about them. that's why everyone that posted in our forums asking how we got a server running got thier posts moved.
Ah, now the truth comes out. Well I'm glad you didn't get into any trouble on account of our prying questions!

that's exactly how we got in on it. We are one of the largest SWBF clans in the world. We have over 650 members spread between 13 sims.
That actually sounds like it could be the entire pc SWBF community (there's barely a hundred people on at any given time spread out over 26 servers). Kudos!

i went back and re-read some of the garbage that i posted earlier. I could see how you'd say that.
Good, I hate to be a jerk, but I call 'em as I see 'em.

paging captain obvious.
it needed to be said, otherwise someone would try to run two 64 players server on a P4 1.2ghz, 256 of ram and wonder why it lags.
Roger. They will still try it though, and wonder...

PS: ASE only shows 69 beta testers on right now, on six servers... four in the US and two in Germany. That can't be right?? Though I see you in your own private server right now!

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