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Originally Posted by Kurgan
I just realized this today... apparently you can't "lie prone" or crawl anymore in the SWBF2 beta.

Or am I just missing something?

I don't know if this means it won't be in the full version... some people here were calling it "useless" (in SWBF1), but it would be a shame. It kind of added that little extra bit of realism, even if it wasn't used much (sort of like the cockpit views!). You can still crouch, but that's just not as cool!
"Useless", not at all. I have gotten to many places others have only dreamed of being, through a compination of gernade jumping and crawling. Gernade jumping opens up a whole new world of places (not inside walls) you can get to and an entire new type of tactics, which I'm just starting to learn... Crawling lets you say on slopes you can't walk on, and lets you get to those places above the 'no fly zone' of the jet trooper. Who ever though crawing gets you higher than flying? If they take it out, it may be because somehow, the way they coded crawling, it bypasses some of their impassible map 'textures' .

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