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Wow the anger, the hostility! Why did you even post? Did you add anything to the discussion other than your hostility?

So your saying there isn't and never was any cheaters in JO? How long have you been playing?

I try to bring up an honest discussion, in a existing thread and I'm met by animosity for simply mentioning the word "cheat." Did I touch a nerve here?

Or was it the age comment I made? Ya know I'm not much older than he is but I know that at 17 we all think we're very important for some reason. I know that at 17 you're still OWNED by your parents and thats why they lack the credibility to make snooty comments... if anyone does have that credibility, I haven't found it yet.

By the way, its not really my game. I believe the copyright belongs to Lucas Arts and they are not responsible for what happens during online play.

Please, everyone, if you don't have anything to add but negativity please
just don't post here. I will only laugh at your nerd rage.

There is cheating in JO and you know it, whether or not you consider it cheating because you're an active participant... is up for debate.

p.s. I bet all the girlz think your sig is the rage TK-8252
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