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Originally Posted by Klia
((Risking the chance of getting stoned I'm going to jump back into the arguement.

Yes, I am a bitch

Ness cannot suddenly appear and be fine with it. There is going to be some conflict from being ripped out of his own world into Psychonauts..unless he wasn't ripped. We do have to learn how the two universes came

Why would Fred be hired as an intern? There are a lot of better people out there that have been training for years as Psychonauts or that are closely linked to the Psychonauts.

That's all I have to say about the matter. Please don't think I want you to close down the RPG since I said a few mean things. This was just bothering me.))
((Don't worry about it, anyway...

After EarthBound Ness' parents began to really notice his psychic prowess, so they sent him to Whispering Rock to hone his abilities.

And as for Fred... hey he's gotta go somewhere. Besides he could be in charge of recreation... afterall his brain is a board game.))

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