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Sarah was late. Very late. She blamed that on bad map directions and a car breakdown, but that didn't change the fact she was late.

She didn't even want to be here, but apparently it would be "helpful". Tch. As if she needed any help. She was just fine with weaker psychic powers, but NO, they were something that needed to be refined in case something bad happened. It wasn't as if she was about to go on a rampage anytime soon.

Watching her parents' van drive away, she stood in the parking lot, wondering if she should move on, or just sit here and wait for someone to come and kick her out.

((Sarah has short, somewhat messy black hair, and is currently wearing a purple t-shirt, some black jeans, and a black windbreaker. She also has black eyes and looks a bit on the pale side. She's got a black backpack with a clipboard and paper, some cheap colored pencils, various stuff you'd need for camp and a PDA with some books and games on it.))
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