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Originally Posted by Kurgan
And how'd you get to download the dedicated server code?
I got it from pandemic.

However LucasArts/Pandemic setup the beta test in the first place. Before we started using batch files, how did they setup the servers for people to start joining? That's what I mean. Or did they just hand them out to random people and say "run a server for us"? I doubt that!
Pandemic, GameSpy and Lucasarts set them up i believe.

I imagine they'd have their own servers, and they could always pick groups (like your's) to do so. I just wondered if you were specifically picked or you just "got one" some other way.
That actually sounds like it could be the entire pc SWBF community (there's barely a hundred people on at any given time spread out over 26 servers). Kudos!
um, other games? i didn't mean that all 650 played SWBF. sorry if ya'll took it that way.

PS: ASE only shows 69 beta testers on right now, on six servers... four in the US and two in Germany. That can't be right?? Though I see you in your own private server right now!
I might have been. or you could have made that up. it does not matter.
there are lots more servers, that is why i stopped using ASE, it nevers shows all the servers.

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