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Alright simmer down, simmer down.

Looks like melord, who's a newbie (I mean compared to us old geezers here) made a rather vague statement, which was replied to with sarcasm from riceplant. So he went ballistic on the guy calling him names, etc. Then TK and Insane Sith (who's a super mod so yes his opinion does count, much as I hate to admit it, just kidding Sithy!) responded to your (melord's) nasty comments, etc. ad naseum.

Now I can see you weren't trolling here, but obviously there's been a failure to communicate.

So let's everyone of us DROP the flames right here and right now.

The old "you're a nerd" this is pretty old. And yes, I'm afraid that we ARE jaded. Cheating DOES exist in this game, but is very very rare. What is far more common is ACCUSATIONS OF CHEATING. Sadly, there have been a lot of sore losers out there who use the "you're using hax!" as an excuse, and it leads to 'innocent' people being banned from all kinds of servers.

So anyway, that's why you have the grumpy attitudes. When I hear somebody say "Owned the server" I assume they meant they joined and "shut it down" by which I don't mean they using some "hacking" to physically disconnect the server and/or ban everyone through some security flaw in the game. Rather, "owning" meaning they beat everyone so badly they all decided to leave.

Many of us who get good at online games have been to the point where we are seemingly "so good" that people refuse to play us anymore and either leave, shut down the game we're in, or kick us!

That's not to say we're the best in the world, on the internet you often get paired up with people of a variety of skill levels. So you might just end up with some people who could never beat you in a million years, and they will get frustrated, and maybe be spoil sports.

Sometimes they'll accuse you of cheating... either through ignorance or just plain pettiness (they hope by accusing you of cheating, they can distract from their own lack of skill).

This isn't always the case. I used to argue and flame the "sore losers" but more often than not I've tried to reason with them, to educate people about the game so the accusations of cheating will be made less often and evaluated more critically.

So that's my 2 cents on this.

As far as the hacks, again I'll say I've heard about them, I've had people explain them to me, even show them to me in the form of screenshots or videos. But when I'm actually playing I don't see them. I occasionally hear somebody accuse another of cheating but it usually turns out to just be a misunderstanding. The worst examples of stuff tend to be with the backdoors in mods.

There was one exploit in Jedi Outcast (was fixed in JA's 1.01 patch finally, since both games use a similar code base in the Q3 engine) wherein you could lock a rocket onto somebody, switch to another weapon, then switch back and release the rocket. Basically you'd get a locked on rocket that only used up one ammo (instead of the normal two) and moved fast (instead of slow like it normally did).
So that gave you a slight advantage, but you had to master that.

Some sorts of things in the Q3 engine are actually exploits, but they were purposely left in by the developers because they had become so popular with players (and even with previous Quake engines). Like rocket jumping and strafe jumping. Those are actually exploits in the physics engine, but people have incorporated them into their playing styles, even if they're completely unrealistic.

There are also some "map exploits" wherein a person can hide inside a wall on certain maps, making it impossible for anyone to get them, which can screw up a CTF game. Xmod2 worked to correct some of these map "hacks."

Many exploits in Siege existed that let you screw up the game, like making the Droid head on Hoth go inside a wall and never come back. OJP Mod fixes that and many other Siege bug/exploits (like the one wherein you could blast the bridge with an explosive on Hoth and make it retract back into the wall and never come back out, meaning you could never bring the AT-ST across, giving the defense a huge advantage for part of the mission).

Sadly it seems in JK2, there was less emphasis on fixing bugs and exploits like this than in adding stuff like jetpacks, grapple hooks, new saber types and moves, and "admin features" like the ability to make players explode with the touch of a button to "punish" them for some imagined wrong-doing like forgetting to use an "emote" before a duel.

There may be some JK2 mods out there that strove to fix these "hacks" and make them less harmful, but I don't know. I've moved on to JA and that's where I see the progress being made. Don't get me wrong JK2 was a fun game, but I've since moved on...

So good luck. And don't fight. It's much better when we all treat each other respectfully (sometimes you've got to be the bigger man) and share information and experiences freely.

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