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Originally Posted by TAW_Banzai
Pandemic, GameSpy and Lucasarts set them up i believe.
That's what I figured, but from the way you were talking I thought maybe they just contacted some fans and got them to do it "on the cheap" so to speak! I mean you're not getting paid for this are you?

um, other games? i didn't mean that all 650 played SWBF. sorry if ya'll took it that way.
Ooooh kay. You aroused my curiosity that there was this hidden SWBF community going on all this time under my nose! Bummer. :P

I might have been. or you could have made that up. it does not matter.
there are lots more servers, that is why i stopped using ASE, it nevers shows all the servers.
Well in my experience it usually did show all the servers. I was just too lazy to grab a screenshot. But that it showed SWBF2 beta servers was a surprise to me, since the game support wasn't added yet. It must have such a similar protocol to SWBF1, that ASE mistakes it for a "mod" or alternate version of the game.

Actually if there are 26 servers that would seem about right, and that's about the same number of servers that there ever were for SWBF1. Sad that a beta test for this game could be greater than that of the full game (though admittedly it a year (?) old already).

Qtracker is good, but it hasn't added support for the beta yet (Ron probably won't get around to it until the full version anyway).

Well anyway, I'll do what I can to help test by offering a server when my computer's up. I just don't have much time to play due to exams.

Good luck!

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