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((Okay, here goes nothing...I haven't RPed in years, but...*crosses fingers*))

The jet slowed down and dropped some altitude, but other than that it didn't stop when it cruised over Whispering Rock that evening, much to the disappointment and misfortune of Coach Oleander. He was tossed out one of the emergency exits with little ceremony--but quite a bit of cursing--and skidded across the parking lot until the stump in the middle brought him to a very swift stop.

The noise from the jet's engines receded into the distance, leaving a general silence in its wake. For a few seconds, Oleander didn't move. Then he managed to recover his wits and sprung to his feet, dusting the dirt and tiny bits of asphalt from the front of his uniform. "That," he grumbled, adjusting his helmet, "is absolutely the last time I take that stupid jet anywhere!"

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