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Originally Posted by Dyliak
How much time I would have saved if this utility was made before *sigh*
But now I can merge many other mods easily without losing time and again: thank you Stoffe for sharing ever more useful nice things!
Well, nobody asked for it before (as far as I know) and I didn't need it myself until recently.

Just remember that this isn't the "Ultimate One Click Mod Compatibility Tool". It just merges custom values between the two files. Depending on what kind of files you merge you may still need to do some manual adjustments (such as the forcehostile/forcefriendly columns in spells.2da). But hopefully it will save some typing at least.

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If a moderator read this: Since nobody has informed me of any bugs and I haven't spotted any more myself yet, perhaps this thread should be moved to the Tools forum instead for archival?


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