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Also, this game BADLY needs an MP console. With the bad typing and being unable to see what you're writing, it's pathetic doing admin commands. Half the time you'll either forget a / or the game will drop out a / and you'll end up broadcasting your admin command to the world. Pretty lame... and completely unnecessary if they'd just give you a console instead of forcing you to use the chat for it!

Heck, even JK1 had a seperate command console, back in 1997! Get with the times, Pandemic!

Also I see you can't lie "prone" anymore. Though of course they may have just left that out of the beta for all we know... I know many people will miss that feature!

Something else I noticed.. if you kick somebody (through the kick console) but type the command twice, they get kicked, and then the next time they join, they're kicked again, automatically! It apparently records how many times you hit the button, so don't do it a dozen times unless you want them to stay kicked for awhile! :P

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