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When it comes to SWBF2 I think it's OPEN SEASON for complaints, because the game is still in beta.

Guess what Pandemic did? They opened up the beta to the public. Which means WE GET TO CRITICIZE IT! They want us to question it, point out faults, flaws, problems, bugs, etc.

So no, we should NOT be "satisfied with what we get." Pandemic themselves don't want us to do that! Otherwise they would have just kept it an internal closed beta and ignored us.

So telling the whiners to shut up is undoing what the company is trying to do, which is solicite information from us to improve their product for us, because we're their target audience!

Is there something to be said for constructive criticism? Sure. But we need not be quiet about our complaints! And if some people are a little more aggressive, BUT IF THEY ARE RIGHT, why shoot the messenger?

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