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The Pitfall
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To whoever cares,

You know…I was hopeful for this camp. It may have been due to the summer air or that I had been one of the few to get into this. This excitement may have led me to miss the fact that the older campers had skipped class instead of joined it and the ones who were going to class were planning on leaving as soon as the Coach’s thoughts were on other campers. Noting this would have saved me the trouble of falling over various cliffs twenty three times.

See, this is not an ordinary camp, dear god no. This is a psychic camp for people who can manipulate their mind above average levels. Notice how I didn’t say control.

So for the first day they had us go through a training course. No problem, right? Uhh..not so much. Oleander, the coach, is a maniac. Upon entering his mind he told me to hit him square in the jaw. My partner, Lili, did just that and I found myself blowing up. A few seconds later I was right back in but she had already disappeared. Then Coach Oleander came up on a screen to laugh at me. I found it particularly discouraging but then he moved on to taunt other kids I believe.

The only good thing I’ve learned in Coach Oleander’s mind is that you can jump really well in minds. Not only could I jump once, but in the middle of the air, okay the AIR, I was able to bounce up again.

It was pretty sweet until I had to jump over miles and miles of empty air to cross over moving platforms. The only thing I can say about that is there is nothing in the world like falling down endless miles to only be ripped back onto the ground.

Somehow I managed to pass that and even shimmied across the ledge. Something I wouldn’t have done in real life, as there is no one to catch you if you do slip in the real world. This time I only managed to drop seven times and I even had a fall buddy, Vernon. It was nice at first but when you’re falling to your doom you don’t want to hear about the Longest Walk Ever.

Next came the minefield where I lost Vernon. Which wasn’t too bad as he was only a quarter of the way through his story and I had been listening to him for a good twenty minutes. When I finally did get out of the minefield and into the plane I was immediately sucked out. It seems other campers had gotten there first and didn’t leave the door closed. This time it wasn’t too bad, I even think I got over my fear of falling!

The Coach’s face had just left the screen when I fell down onto a patch of snowy land. I think it was good because there was a gate that was open. Easy stuff there.

It was when I came to the machine gun…yes a MACHINE GUN…that I had a little trouble. See, your supposed to have a punching power in people’s minds but I never learned how to do that. It’s not that easy for me. Sure my jumping is pretty good but my punching is not. I never knew I was supposed to be learning it but when I came out of Oleander’s mind he told me it was in the pamphlet.

Does anyone read the pamphlet?


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