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right, thanx, here it is, tell me what u think.


KotOR through Juhani's eyes

A Jedi I am,
taken from my homeworld.
I was to be trained,
against the Dark Jedi.

The Sith turned offensive,
brutal, rash and ruthless.
They destroyed my dear homeworld,
with excellent precision.

I felt anger,
day and night.
But I controlled it,
I put up a good fight.

Alas, it was not enough,
for I was too weak.
My dear Master,
cooked up a new teach.

She provoked me,
into a fight.
I did not want to,
but she died outright.

The anger I felt,
boiling my blood.
I knew I could never return,
and took my leave of them.

I used my powers to muddle the minds,
of already senseless beasts.
They attacked everyone in sight,
including, sometimes, me.

Then along came a Jedi,
and disturbed my meditation.
I screamed out in anger,
and rushed in for the kill.

Once again I was proved weak,
as the Jedi defeated me.
The Jedi slashed and swiped,
and almost killed me.

I yielded to the Jedi,
and asked him what he wanted.
The Jedi told me to return,
I would be forgiven by those I had endangered.

I thanked him for his kind words,
and ran back to the Enclave.
I pleaded with the Masters,
and was reinstated.

The Jedi completed his training,
strong he would be.
As a last favour, I asked,
the Masters to send me with him.

The Masters debated,
while the Jedi waited.
They finally agreed,
and told me to go with him.

I thanked them profusely,
for the chance they had given me.
To prove myself worthy,
it would not be wasted.

I traveled with the Jedi,
to various worlds.
We made new friends,
and discovered some strange things.

The Star Maps they were called,
one on each planet.
The planets of Tatooine, Manann,
Kashyyyk and Korriban.

The Jedi found the first three successfully,
on the first three planets.
On the way to Korriban, sadly,
the Sith caught us at last.

The Sith Admiral, Karath captured us,
and tortured the Jedi.
Along with Carth and Bastila,
but he held strong and stayed silent.

One of our group, the smart one,
broke out of prison, and came to our aid.
The person explored the rooms ahead,
and finally set us free.

Canderous, our Mandalorian friend,
took command and led us to the ship.
The Jedi and his friends sought out Karath,
to make him pay for his deeds and escape.

The Admiral faced his pupil, Carth in combat,
and was defeated in a snap.
And there he told him a shocking truth,
that we came to know of later.

The Jedi and his friends were very close,
to the beautiful ship of ours.
They opened the bay doors,
and ran to join us in haste.

The sub-doors open and there stepped out,
the Dark Lord of the Sith.
He refreshed the Jedi’s memory,
and showed him that he was Revan.

The Jedi and Malak fought each other hard,
Master and Apprentice, the fight was truly long.
Then Bastila recovered, from Malak’s influence.
she took on the Dark Lord alone, helping the Jedi escape.

Revan and Carth,
together they ran.
To the ship of ours,
and fled the battleship in pain.

They broke the news to the eager group,
of the Jedi and Bastila.
The Jedi was Revan,
and Bastila was gone.

We came upon Korriban,
a place of the Dark.
Revan ignored all taunts,
and completed our quest.

We discovered where the Star Forge was,
with all the data.
It was near the center of the Galaxy,
in the Unknown Regions.

Revan powered the Ebon Hawk up,
we flew to the new planet.
Bang and crash,
we faced problems again.

The Ebon Hawk was ruined, but,
Carth, our hero pilot was there.
He took the ships controls,
and delivered us down safely.

The ship of ours had encountered a huge planetary field,
our job was to disable it or we would stay forever.
Revan took off in search,
of the controls for the field and some parts for our ship.

He encountered a strange species of sentients, the Rakata,
but, fortunately, could understand them.
They asked him to do a job for them,
eradicate the One.

Revan wanted something in return,
he asked the Elders for it.
He wanted to enter the Temple,
and deactivate the shield.

The Elders agreed,
Revan went.
The One was destroyed in a long battle,
Revan came back.

The Elders ushered him to the Temple grounds,
and began an ancient ritual.
Revan stood alone, waiting,
for only one must enter the Temple.

Suddenly the priests stopped,
for he saw one was coming.
Not one, but two,
it was Jolee and I who were seen.

Revan argued with us for a while,
we could not go with him.
Jolee argued back,
and showed Revan some sense.
Revan then argued with the priests,
we had to go in with him.
The priests were uncertain, but finally gave in,
they completed their ritual and let us go in.

The Temple was very quiet,
as we sneaked around.
A few Sith were there,
in that Temple sound.

Some discovered us,
and we fought with them.
Revan was stronger,
and we all cut them down.

We talked to a computer,
and unlocked a door.
We went back to it,
and went through it to our fate.

We came to the top,
of the ancient Rakata Temple.
And there stood our friend Jedi,
Bastila, a little changed.

I urged her to follow hurriedly,
but I was wrong again.
Our dear friend, Bastila,
had joined Malak and the Sith.

We fought in yet another duel,
Revan overcame her.
She tried to turn him as she was turned,
But Revan was not listening.

Bastila pushed us away with the Force,
she ran to her escape ship and fled the planet fast.
Revan recovered quickly from the battle,
hurt inside more than outside.

He disabled the accursed field,
that had brought us down.
He picked up some parts from a bin,
and returned to our ship.

Our friends waited outside the Hawk,
talking to each other.
When they saw us, they cried out,
and asked us what had happened.

Revan explained to them,
in a very weary tone.
Bastila was a Jedi no more,
she was a Sith to be destroyed.

Revan quickly fixed the ship,
and we could fly again.
Carth took us off the planet,
to our destiny’s end.

He sent the coordinates of the Star Forge,
to dear Admiral Dodonna.
Bless her and the Republic fleet,
we hoped they’d come quickly.

We made it into the Star Forge,
an ancient, yet effective thing.
Along with several Jedi,
who had come in through with us.

Revan went in the Forge with friends to help,
him with his quest.
To find and kill Malak,
and maybe turn back Bastila.

Revan was pushed against,
many Sith troops, left and right.
Droids, dark Jedi and soldiers alike,
they were no match for him at all.

Finally, he came upon his friend,
Bastila stood all alone, Battle Meditation in progress.
She looked up and took her saber,
locking the door behind him.

Revan was trapped,
his friends on the other side of the door.
Bastila attacked with fury and hate,
Revan fought in peace.

Revan and Bastila fought many times,
three, to be precise.
The third time, Revan defeated her,
and spared her valuable life.

Revan won back his charming friend,
from the destructive Sith.
She asked him one final question,
before she meditated again.

Revan thought it was silly,
such a silly question.
Of course he loved her,
she was something he could not do without.

She Meditated again,
this time for the Republic,
Doddona’s fleet began to win,
they struck out in joy.

Revan progressed further ahead,
to the ultimate ending.
Of one life,
either his, or Malak’s pending.

Malak threw droids at Revan,
while he escaped away.
The droids Revan pulverized,
by destroying the generators.

He ran up to the elevator,
that took him to the top.
The fight of his lifetime, Master against Apprentice,
had just about begun.

Malak conversed with him for a while,
then ignited his saber.
Revan did just the same,
they both leapt at each other.

Malak fought unfairly,
taking advantage of the Forge.
He drew upon the power of dead Jedi,
their Force potential held by the Forge.

Revan was disgusted by this,
he sought a way to free them.
An idea clicked,
He destroyed the machine with the Force.

Along battle they fought,
Revan versus Malak.
Finally, a flaw in Malak’s swipe,
and Revan cut him down.

Malak refused to turn,
even at his death.
He died at Revan’s feet,
lost forever to the Light

Revan returned to our ship,
bringing his love, Bastila.
We all enjoyed a joyful moment,
then took off as the Forge blew apart.

This is the story that changed my life,
and the lives of many others.
Including my friend Dak Vesser,
the one I had studied with.

Revan is a great man,
he took off on a quest.
This one more dangerous,
than Malak and the Sith.

I went off in the Galaxy,
roaming here and there,
In my mind I know that, there,
out there, Revan fights evil to the finish.


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