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Note: I'm going to write my experiences based from my roleplay, "Trouble at Whispering Rock" in Sarah's (my character) POV.
And the girl, Grimm, is Zer0-Devil's character.

Dear journal,

Everything is going well. Me, Justin, and Drummer are at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.
The reason we're here because my boss, Bigface, wants me and the others to take a break from all the stress from work and get me to work on my abilities.
He told me that the camp is for young people (by, "young people" he meant, "kids of ages 6 or 12") and told me not to bring my weapons to the camp. He also told me not to curse in front of of the children either (since I have a short fuse and cuss like Denis Leary).
Drummer decided to come with us because he wants to keep an eye on me so I don't do anything stupid.

When we got off the bus, Justin already met two of the campers, Milka and Elton. It was funny to see Justin's reaction when Milka disappeared in front of him. Elton explains to him about her and gave us directions to the camp.

As we got to the cabins, Drummer saw a girl wearing black goggles, getting teased by two boys (who happen to be Bobby and Benny, the resident camp bullies) and then hearing Bobby screaming in pain. I rushed over to see what's going on. Before the two boys left, Bobby tells his friend to put the girl on his "list of people he shouldn't be messing with".
I ask the girl what she did to Bobby that made him to be in pain. She told me that it was called Bio-Manipulation, a psychic ability to stun or make people ill. Just then, a short man wearing what looked like an army uniform walk over to us and wants to know what happen. I tried my best to explain what happen when Drummer came in to help us out. The man (who introduce himself as Morceau Oleander or Coach Oleander) told us that he'll see us tomorrow and left.
Me and Drummer introduce ourselves to the girl. She than introduce herself as Grimm and left.
Before we went back to our cabin, the loud speakers came on and announced that tonight at 7 PM, we're going to the reception area to meet the camp counselors, Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello.

Those names sound so familiar...and why do I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen? I guess I'll figure it out later.

-Sarah Valentine

Raz: Is this where I get another speech and learn a lesson?
Sasha: No. Here's your merit badge. Let us never speak of this again.
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